Web Surveys

BRG offers our clients the ability to gather information using the Internet as a response medium. The development of a stand-alone division was created within the company to handle the administration of all Internet based research. This division, Swift Interactive Technologies, creates CATI-like surveys that can be delivered over the Internet.

The system controls all questionnaire logic, skip patterns, answer checking, quota management, response randomization, and other similar constructs. This method allows you to conduct rigorous research on the Internet, which previously was only possible through more expensive telephone surveys. This system uses the Internet to deliver research results and information back to you in a timely and cost-efficient way.

These are some of the ways this system is being used:

Developing Customer Databases:

This system is a very effective way of capturing detailed information about "shoppers" visiting your (or your client´s) web site.

Controlling Stimuli and Responses:

The Internet is uniquely suited when the research calls for a more interactive approach between stimuli (e.g. advertising copy, product concepts, images/pictures, etc.) and responses. The Internet provides the ability to weave various stimuli that are followed by specific questions in a way not possible by telephone or mail methods alone.

Creating an Alternative to Mail Surveys:

This system provides the rigor and control of telephone (CATI) systems at the cost of mail surveys. This system is extremely cost effective for large sample sizes.